Apostasis #4

22-03-2019 @ 13:30 – 17:30
van Abbehuis
Bilderdijklaan 19
5611 NG Eindhoven
René Paré
040 21 33 032
Apostasis #4 @ van Abbehuis

Experience and participate in the experimental multi-user art & media platform 

A creative space enabling the development of multiuser educational artistic sessions.

With real-time experimentations, collaborative artistic projects, large-scale participatory events and actions for the general public (e.g. workshops, exhibitions), both in virtual and in physical space.

Listen to keynotes and presentations, join hands-on demonstrations and experiments and enjoy free workshops. The two-day program is divided in four sub programs in Effenaar, Fontys and Albert van Abbehuis. Free registration on Eventbrite – one ticket for every part.

This European collaboration invites artists, students and professionals to join the presentations, workshops and experiments. The event is a two day pick-as-you-please seminar and interactive program.

We are welcoming presentations from ASFA (Athens School of Fine Arts), University Paris 8, Argenia (Rome), Omega Technology (Athens) and MAD emergent art center (Eindhoven).